Which Mattress is best for you?

Which Mattress is best for you?

The right mattress is the key to sleeping well. Still,  many people overlook its importance and keep a mattress that has long lost support and comfort.

Many people can be confused by all the selections. Conflicting information can also lead to uncertainty. Lancaster Mattress has 38 years experience to guide you.

Lying on several types will give the best results. Allow at least 5 minutes on a model to test it. Lie in the position you would normally sleep.

Knowing this is a big investment may be intimidating. Yet the quality of sleep we achieve affects our everyday life. Guidance on which model best suits your needs is extremely important. Considering you may only purchase a set every 10 years.

Sleep positions along with health issues will help determine which model will best suit your needs.

Many people can benefit from adding an Adjustable Base. Bases can alleviate back pain. Raising your feet will take pressure off you lower back. Snoring can be reduced by rasing your head.

Lancaster Mattress offers 3 major brands of mattresses including Sealy Posturepedic, Hybrids, Stearns and Foster, and Tempurpedic, allowing you the choice best for you.  We have the Tempurpedic foam (featuring a coil free mattress), Sealy Posturepedic representing the traditional coil, and a Hybrid combining both coils and Memory foam.

Stop in today for a rest test and guidance to your new sleep set.